Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Virtualize Desktop Infrastructure in the Work Environment Research Paper

Virtualize Desktop Infrastructure in the Work Environment - Research Paper Example First, the connections could be done through affordable bundles or protocol to make it more affordable. The technology can be introduced in primary and high school cariculum toequip the young generation with its implications in the society. Furthermore, the network can be advanced to enable users access data from centric desktop server from a more wider range. Companies offering the technology The technology is available since it is offered by several companies in major parts of the world. Virtualization vendors like VMware and Citrix have taken a healthy lead in providing the technology to their regional and international clients. Vendors like Pano Logic as well as Quest Software have a reputable profile as far as the VDI Technology is concerned (Gilam,219). The companies not only do the actual connections but also provide consultancies regarding purchase of large computer storage devices to run on virtual systems (desktops). Furthermore, they partner with mobile devices companies l ike Nokia, Samsung, LG and Techno among others on how users (tablets and Smartphones) can use such devices to access data stored on a certain desktop. Computer firms like HP, Toshiba, Compaq and Acer also uses this strategies to attract and maintain more customers. Pano Logics came up with ‘a zero client’ processor with no drive but is connected with a mouse, keyboard as well as screen/monitor. The system software like operating system is be installed in a certain server then accessed through a defined network. The company laments that the system is cheap since it requires no memory or storage drive, which essentially is the most expensive part in a computer system. Some companies special computer networks to enable users access the data in the virtual servers. Fujitsu is a technological firm that provides bundles called Fujitsu VDI Bundles. This enables workers switch work places with ease. The network covers a wider region depending on the protocol used. The company h as a attractive profile since majority of reputable companies depend on its bundles network for the server virtualization. The company has also partnered with VDI offering companies like Citrix among others. VDI technology is applicable in several companies with a chain of departments and workers. Some of the famous companies or organizations that have already adapted the technology include Microsoft, Caterpillar, Toshiba, Compass group companies, Nike and Nokia among others. The companies share some basic features in common, for instance, they have more departments and employees. Furthermore, they have regional establishes or offices that depend on common server based in the head offices. Some world class learning institutions like Universities and colleges have also adopted technology. But precaution measures must be taken in such cases. Students may use the technology to access some vital confidential information like exams or other related assessments from the main server. There for, learning institutions may have two or more servers where one server to be solely for academic staff or school administration and not be accessed by the students. The technology is also applied in national or state security department. One may be arrested in a different street or state but his/her previous criminal records accessed from the main national server, via the technology. Reliability of the technology Some of the advantages associated with the technology are that it is cost friendly. A company

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