Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Compare and Contrast Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 9

Compare and Contrast - Essay Example Dillard’s mother was fluent in English and taught her children many English phrases. The kids learned about the â€Å"Tamiami Trail† from their mother when they visited Florida. Tampa was on one side of the coast and Miami on the other. The road that connected the two was the one named Tamiami Trail. Her mother told them the struggles people had to through to build the trail. The road took fourteen years to be complete. Dillard’s family was speaking the wrong English. Her father had no problem with her English, but her mom was always correcting her by using the wrong words in a sentence (Dillard 354). Dillard’s mother had many jokes and joked on many occasion, from the supermarket cashier to the surgeon doing her surgery to the couple she did not know. Dillard’s mother was an intelligent woman with much energy. She got bored quickly and did not like focusing on a single thing for a long time. Dillard had two other sisters. The children plus their father were worried when their mother had a difficult time figuring out to do things or why certain things are in existence. It is a story told by White about his childhood experiences at the lake with his father. White then takes his son to the lake again after years. Lake Maine was a family vacation site for White’s family. They always visited the lake on summer holidays (White 1). White took his son for the first time to experience the life at the lakeside. White brings the audience down memory lane and ways he grew up going to the lake often. White reflects on how similar he is to his father. The relationship between him and his son is the same as the one he had with his father at the lake. The whole essay is about that fact. The fact that the lake has not changed a little from the time he was a kid until he had his child. His son reminds him of how he was when he went to the lake with his father. Family values are traditional values: values passed from one generation to

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