Friday, August 30, 2019

Food †Cooking Essay

India is popular in many sectors around the globe. Taste is one among them. For some people it is link to occasions and others as memories. They make fun and call their places with certain names like Chennai sambar, Hyderabad biryani, Mumbai vada pao, Rajasthan kachori many more. At colleges or work places as we meet different culture people and start calling out the person by their native food item names and behaviour is described by food items. Doctors say that eating good food helps for a good health but making the taste make much better health. These days the trend is the fast food culture where people forgot about their traditional food. This made India to face many health issues. This generation home makers and kids don’t know about their own traditional food followed from centuries. Some of them are interested in having those traditional foods but as of busy life’s these days they adopted the system of buying in home foods or sweet shops. Where the costs are high and less in quality. The best think ever I know to do is cooking and considered as creativity. Needs all senses to engage with cooking. I have a strong feeling that art of cooking is hereditary. In my family where my grandma’s and aunt’s have that skill of cooking traditional food. These indulge me to cooking when I was 8, simply by toasting a dose. Trying different recipes make me know about variant cultural food habits and nutrition value. Before cooking any dish I understand its own origin, history. I learnt that certain pattern styles is not enough for cooking but also need to select proper utensils. There is choice for anything even in cooking, vegetarian and non vegetarian. For me the best part of cooking easy is the non-veg items because that’s my favourite and I enjoy it a lot. Here comes the picture of technology ‘GURU’ for all ‘GOOGLE PROFESSOR’ usage started, gone through various web sites and experiments took place, continuing now even. As I’m a Telugu girl learned the basic cooking at home and now had no idea about the traditional items being cooked for the festivals. I’m interested in experimenting, so there the journey started for learning traditional cooking. Pongal festival time is the day we find the traditional cooking starts. When I visited to my grandparent’s village the preparation started and observed many different things over there. The procedure opted is completely changed from the normal day to day pattern of cooking. Instead of gas or electric stove they used the old stove built with mud for cooking purpose. They used different method in making the food items and important to learn the ratios in mixing, measures used for preparing (rules). Utensils are too big, unique and they are made with different sources. Objects which I found are not used same for all because as they change from item to item cooking pattern. Handling those utensils, managing the old stove and cooking those involved with great practice, skill. Finally I’m proud to say that I learned some traditional dishes were I can cook without the help of others. By, G. Manasa MBA 1st – A.

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