Thursday, August 29, 2019

Organisation, Competition and Environment Assignment

Organisation, Competition and Environment - Assignment Example The Unique Point Tutorials has over a hundred students, taught by Dowell herself with the assistance of some half a dozen teachers for different subjects. Dowell prefers coaching the younger children, leaving the older children of higher grades to the teachers who are specialized in different subjects. As an individual proprietor, Dowell had never felt the need to draw up objectives or targets. Business-wise, she was prospering. However, a few students of the higher standards had opted to change over to the new classes since they were offering offshore services, being affiliated with universities abroad. This has made Dowell think on global terms. On her husband's advice, she consulted a chartered accountant, who has asked her to crystallize her aims and objective, and targets from the current year. She decided on a two-pronged approach to her objectives which were to be external objectives and stakeholders'/internal objectives. To institutionalize her tutorial with her husband as a co-associate, and draw up a Memorandum of Association and encourage interested parents to become members in the association, with a view to promote total education for everybody in the locality. With a view to further strengthen her position vis--vis the competiti... To formulate principles of best practice, promote research, and link up with reputed overseas universities. To lobby for increased funding for capital expenditure to rent or purchase additional rooms to accommodate a hundred more students. ( With a view to further strengthen her position vis--vis the competition, Dowell decided to identify her stakeholders and their objectives, and the objectives' status as of date. After deliberating, she concluded that her chief stakeholders were the students, parents and the teachers/staff. She also decided to make time for discussion and consultation with each of them in order to gather useful data and ideas, strengthen relationships, enhance the associations' reputation, improve decision-making, and also make these practices a part of her mainstream business practice. B)The stakeholders'/internal Objectives were: 1) For Students: To pursue and foster learning, enquiry, and through this to realise the Association's mission to be an academic community working together to create a learning environment in which teaching and learning is of the highest quality, supporting students and their personal development, and contributing to the well-being of their region and nation. To offer programmes of study at school, undergraduate and postgraduate levels that provide students with varying entry qualifications, experience and an educational base for a range of employment and further training opportunities. To provide appropriate curricula and learning experiences that satisfy the requirements of relevant professional and accrediting bodies. To provide scholarship to deserving students. To enable students to acquire a working knowledge of core

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