Saturday, August 24, 2019

Reflection to ANMC Codes Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Reflection to ANMC Codes - Assignment Example The discomfort was not very unusual because initially all of the patients fed through the tube show some sort of or to some extent their distress. Mr. Luke however frequently moaned or placed his hands on his stomach. His niece Martha came 24hrs after the insertion of the g-tube and she was very displeased at the state of his uncle’s health and pain. She requested for the immediate removal of the tube, she said she presumed it should have been removed after his admitting to the nursing home and he should have been fed by mouth, even though there was no surety that Mr. Luke would be able to take sufficient nutrition by mouth, the physician ordered to remove the tube. However I did not want to proceed to the procedure as it would definitely be damaging for the patient’s health and I am of the opinion that anything possible that can be done to save a human life is necessary and every moment of a human life is necessary so it must be preserved and protected even of those wh o are terminally ill or near death. According to Mr. Luke’s guardian I was just making the dying. process prolong and all of the staff cited the right of the patient to decline the treatment and the nurses should try to reduce the pain of the patient even if that set off a dying process, so the professional ethics side with Mr. Luke and Martha’s decision. ... the satisfactory part for me was just the comforting thought that I was not involved in causing the pain nor was I part of the team that was making a decision which took him to the brim of life. The criticality of the situation is what a nurse ought to do. If treatment is the cause of pain then death or initiation of dying process is a pain itself, so why not safe the life rather then letting one die. Collaborative and Therapeutic Practice I was in the critical care unit in St. Vincent Hospital, Sydney and I received a call from a Mrs. street and she said she was the wife of the patient admitted in the ICU, she asked me whether her husband was still in the unit and what his status was?. Although I was tempted to help the lady so worried about her husband’s condition but according to the competency standards I was not allowed legally to give away patients confidential status or any information so I refused the lady to talk on phone about the condition rather visit in person. I later felt bad about the situation and thought that I did not do the right thing as she might have been in any critical situation but then I was a nurse fulfilling my duties as required. On the other hand I could have gone to Mr. Street and should have asked him his permission to disclose his condition and then tell his wife. Although if necessary as if the patient is unable to permit the disclosure of his condition then a supervisor could be involved in the situation as well because best working relationships require open communication with your supervisor which may become handy at the situations like these. Provision and Coordination of Care Sonia was 50 year old woman admitted to

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