Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Service visit and analyzes assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Service visit and analyzes assignment - Essay Example As added proof of the almost excellent knowledge that Starbucks baristas have, he was able to prepare this drink without having to look up how it is mixed while all along explaining to me what went on in its making (Bussing-Burks 55). Another service aspect that I find to be particularly outstanding at Starbucks is the fact that the restaurant never sells any coffee that happens to have been sitting for more than 30 minutes. While on my visit to the shop I personally noted that the baristas would rather throw away coffee than attempt to serve anything old they deem to be old. There are however a number of aspects that left me with a negative perception during my service visit to Starbucks. The service at Starbucks can at times prove to be rude. One striking case that comes to mind is that while I was quietly seated at a corner sipping at my nutella latte while all along analyzing the service at the Starbucks store I was visiting. An incident occurred that I deemed to not be quite appropriate. During a rare lull when there were actually no customers waiting to be served at the store. The cashier started chatting with one of the barista’s, a lady walked into the store proceeded to go and stand in front of the coffee makers while awaiting to be served. Despite having noticed the presence of this customer, the cashier and barista continued with their conversation and ignored the customer who was rapidly becoming inpatient. After about two minutes of idle waiting, the customer demanded to know why she was not being served upon which the cashier rudely replied that the customer was not standing at the proper location where people order. This greatly infuriated the customer who walked out in anger and promised to file an official complaint. I found this to be quite unprofessional and it had the effect of negatively influencing my perception of the overall customer experience at the

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